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MBrands International is the owner of the worldwide brand registration rights for Mystic, Magic Marine and Maui Magic.

All brands are starting with the big ‘’M” and therefore the choice for MBrands as company name was easily made.
Currently the holding is active with Mystic and Magic Marine.

At MBrands International we have a strong passion for action water sports. All our people are motivated and dedicated to make the best possible product. Working in this industry is what we love doing with a healthy ambition to become the best.

Our Brands
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Having experience operating all around the Globe we use our facilities and strength for separated distribution. MBrands International is the European distributor for the Italian Nautical footwear brand named Lizard.

Operating with a 2200 m2 square feet warehouse, team of logistics and sales reps, we are able to offer European distribution for A brands which have an added value to our private owned brands.

For distribution requests and more information, please contact us.

Corporate wear

We understand the difficulty to find appropriate branding and representation for a company, team or organization. This challenge motivates our team daily to develop in our respective sports and the surrounding industry. This is the framework in which we work to build our own brands Mystic and Magic Marine. Our team would like to support your brand into creating your team identity.

We create: Our in house design and buying team will work with you from the initial brainstorming phase all the way through to production. Quality/price discussions including details, workmanship options, fabrics and finishing will be explained in order for you to make the best possible decisions. We can create the brand identity that you had in mind.

We manage: Let our team manage the process. We have the factories, the knowledge, the people and the passion. We will handle your order just as we manage our own brands collections. Leave the work to us. We will deliver, and we will only be happy when you are satisfied.

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